16 and Under Tournament on March 24. First tournament of the NWVBC! Wins were hard to come by but we gained a lot of experience which we put to use later in the season.


Marissa gets ready to set!

Gabi is serving - think she tosses the ball high enough?

Look at the concentration!

Devon unloads!

Meagan launches a service attack!

You are sooo getting roofed!

Prepare for a Moose attack!

Look at that VERTICAL!

Emily Mantz - backrow DIVA!

16 and Under Tournament on April 29. We went 5-4 and won a playoff game! There were lots of pictures to choose from and most were of us attacking the ball...which is why we played so well. Great job!


This team is going to the playoffs!

This team is going to the playoffs - but not without excellent coaching!

Pre-game warm-ups.

Excellent effort - must have been painful (look at Emily's reaction)!

Moose with the spike!

Gabi says “No - that is NOT coming over!”

Devon with the pass!

Christine with the pass!

Marissa says “We don’t hit no stinking free balls!”

Devon with the lefty hit!

Destination: FLOOR!

Emily shows off the Libero wear and how to use it!

Meagan's got it!

You gotta get LOW to pass!

The blur is Meagan's swing!

Christine goes low too!


Now that is some VERTICAL!

In the dictionary - next to Libero - is this picture!

Yep - We won!

Get out of the way!

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