On October 24, our Level 2+ teams went to Macungie to play against teams from Eyer Middle School. Our two teams combined to go 7-1! Great job!


Mackenzie with the serve
Mackenzie with the serve - nice follow-through!

Kayla prepares to pass
Kayla prepares to pass!

That ball is UP there
That ball is UP there!

Curtis picks his victim
Curtis picks his victim!

Sara sets to Curits
Sara sets to Curtis!

Crissy - ready to serve
Crissy - ready to serve!

Natalie lines up the hit
Natalie lines up the hit!

Mackenzie sets Alyssa!
Mackenzie sets Alyssa!

Leah smacks an ACE!
Leah smacks an ACE!

Gooooooo TIGERS!
Gooooo TIGERS!

Good sportsmanship!
Good sporsmanship - never goes out of style!

Posing for the camera!
Posing for the camera!

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